About Modora

Helen Pope

I love jewellery in all its forms and am fascinated by the power it has to make one feel beautiful and empowered. Jewellery design runs through the veins of my family. My great grandfather was an eminent jeweller in Cairo, Egypt and was renowned for his elegant designs and craftsmanship. 

I’ve been working in the jewellery industry for more than 20 years and I still get excited by the magic that jewellery brings into peoples’ lives. The creation of Modora ties me back to my heritage with a loving nod to family. 

Tanya Pope

Driven by a lifelong immersion in the world of fine jewellery and design, Modora Jewellery represents my undeniable passion for the craft. With a lineage tracing back generations, I have been exposed to the captivating fascination of exquisite jewellery from a very young age.

Motivated by a deep desire to share Modora’s eclectic collection with the world, I chose to embark on this journey in partnership with my Mother, to create a brand that embodies our shared love for jewellery.